Ty Mawr Hut Circles

Ancient Ruins

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A CADW sign about this site reads:-
This small settlement probably dates from the late Neolithic, or early Bronze Age (c.2,000BC), through occupation on the site extends over a very long period, down to the Romans era and after. It comprises about 19 structures, and is spread over 15-20 acres (6-8 hectares) of the mountainside.
The site is in the care of CADW: Welsh Historic Monuments. Excavation here from 1978-1982 showed that the buildings are not all of the same period, but range in date over more than 1,000 years.
They appear to have been about 8 distinct homesteads, or farmsteads, consisting of round houses with stores and workshops adjoining, though only one or two of these were occupied at any one time.
They were partly buried, with low stone walls and roofed with thatch. The settlement was an agricultural one, and was associated with a system of ploughed fields. Finds of grinding stones point to the processing of grain, and dumps of sea shells, particularly limpets, indicate another important source of food for the inhabitants.